Artist Statement

I deliver for a Chinese restaurant at night, often passing these discarded objects by the roadside. I was attracted to the colour and the sense of the mundane of the objects. My initial shoots were cropped in, focusing on the individual objects rather than the whole. I started with curiosity as to what people were discarding. They ranged from perfectly workable pieces of furniture and household items to the completely trashed and unusable.


Placed on the kerb, awaiting council collection, it was often a race to get back and capture the image in daylight before the locals disassembled the sculptures looking for treasure. Sometimes I would arrive at a location only to discover the council had already collected, other times things were left untouched for weeks. 


I began to see the sculptural beauty of the objects in their placement. As the project progressed it evolved into a consideration of the landscape as important as the subject in framing the shot. I saw the beauty in texture, the grain of wood and the pattern of fabric where once I found these aspects drab and boring I became enchanted by the very ordinariness and mundaneness. There is a peace and tranquillity I find in these captured sculptural assemblages. A stillness or waiting. 

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